S3810 Series (12 Hole) Shallow 3/8" Socket Holders

$13.20 – $21.99

Neon BlueNeon Blue
Standard RedStandard Red
Hot PinkHot Pink
Neon YellowNeon Yellow
Solar OrangeSolar Orange
Neon GreenNeon Green
Dark GreenDark Green
Rocket RedRocket Red
SKU: S3810Categories: 3/8" Socket Organizers, Socket Holders

S3810 Series (12 Hole) Shallow Socket Organizers:

  • 3/8" drive (12) hole Shallow socket organizer for Impact or Chrome sockets.
  • Accommodates up to 15/16" SAE and/or 245mm Metric sockets.
  • Dimensions: 14 x 1 x 1
  • Available in the following (10) colors:
  1. Neon Blue (S3810)
  2. Standard Red (S3811)
  3. Hot Pink (S3812)
  4. Neon Yellow (S3813)
  5. Solar Orange (S3814)
  6. Neon Green (S3815)
  7. Dark Green (S3816)
  8. Rocket Red (S3817)
  9. Black (S3818)
  10. Purple (S3819)

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