Friction Peg Socket Holder - GRAY PACK (6PCS)


SKU: PSHGRYPACKCategories: Friction Peg Socket Holder Tags: 1/2, 1/4, 3/8, friction, Gray, Grey, pack, peg, Socket holder


  • 1/4" Metric Gray - PSH25M-GRY
  • 1/4" SAE Gray - PSH25S-GRY
  • 3/8" Metric Gray - PSH38M-GRY
  • 3/8" SAE Gray - PSH38S-GRY
  • 1/2" Metric Gray - PSH50M-GRY
  • 1/2" SAE Gray - PSH50S-GRY

Friction Peg Socket Holders are designed for Shallow and Deep Sockets

Made of a chemical resistant rubber over mold with easy to read socket size indicators

These two-row socket holders can be stored in a drawer toolbox or tool cart

Perfect for easily moving sockets from the toolbox to workstation and back without falling off.


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